My name is Louis Nurse with a diploma in Management and a Masters in Business Administration both quality qualifications achieved through degree programmes facilitated at the School of Accounting and Management better known as SAM.
Today I am now the managing director of Linx Entertainment Services Ltd and I am pursuing a Doctorate qualification of the Anglia Ruskin University also based at the School of Accounting and Management. School of Accounting and Management provides a real opportunity for persons young and old to be empowered. The various courses offered provide career choices that are relevant to the modern business environment especially as there are so many changes going on in the world and the world economy.
SAM has a unique student support service which caters for a holistic personal development approach to ensure that the graduate of the various programmes are well equipped to manage in any business situation. Interestingly, the lecturers at SAM are experienced, energetic and qualified individuals which enhance the learning experience of students in school facilities that are updated with the latest information technology. SAM provides for those individuals who focus on the future by making good educational choices now.

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