MBA specialised electives in Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
MBA specialised electives in Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Innovation


  • Apply theoretical understanding of management to complex and current business issues with  a view to improving business practice.
  • Critically reflect on their leadership skills and thereby prepare for senior roles within the organisation.
  • Gain a thorough insight into contemporary research and leading-edge practice within the field of strategic management.
  • Develop considerable autonomy through learning and gaining the ability to plan and implement consultancy projects in a group context.
  • Generate originality and enterprise in approaching complex business issues.
  • Demonstrate self-direction and autonomy in research and scholarship towards a new contribution to knowledge in a chosen field of management.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  • Apply a wide range of advanced theoretical business concepts to complex practical business issues.
  • Display a critical awareness of contemporary issues which is informed by leading edge research and practice in the field.
  • Evaluate the dynamic environmental forces which impact on organisations within a international context.
  • Critically reflect on advanced concepts in core management disciplines.
  • Critically evaluate classical & contemporary approaches to corporate strategy.
  • Evaluate the uses & limitations of a range of research methods & techniques, both qualitative & quantitative.
  • Critically assess the contributions of entrepreneurial and ethical dimensions to strategic management.

Organisational Benefits

Emphasis is given to the transfer of learning between SAM and employing organisations, using the student’s learning and development as a conduit. Thus, employing organisations will gain skills and knowledge to:

  • Deal with the challenges and opportunities presented by turbulent and complex business environments.
  • Clarify and deal with organisational change issues.
  • Make effective decisions.
  • Develop a broad international business perspective.

Post Graduate Certificate

Organisational Behaviour

Marketing Design & Innovation

Financial Statement Analysis

Project Management 

Post Graduate Diploma

Dynamics of Strategy

Research Methods for Business & Management

Executive Leadership


Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Organisational Transformation

Post Graduate Major Project


Bachelors Degree with:

First Class Honors

Upper Second Class Honors

Lower Second Class Honors

Note: If an applying student has a Third Class or Ordinary Pass Bachelors Degree, 2 years supervisory experience is required


Without a Bachelors Degree - 3 Years Management Experience.



Evenings Only

Saturdays Only


North Campus

South Campus


Company Director

Managing Director

Chief Executive Officer

Head of Department

Marketing Manager

Personnel Manager

Administrative Manager


Government Advisor

Senior Government Officer

Business Entrepreneur

Senior Lecturer

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