B.Sc. (Hons) Business Computing


The Level 6 BSc Business Computing degree builds on the NCC Education UK Level 4 and 5 Diplomas in Computing and Business information Technology. The BSc is awarded by London Metropolitan University and is a fully recognise UK degree. NCC is the world’s leading independent provider of IT training and education programmes. NCC operates with, and through, over 300 training and educational providers.


Since SAM's inception in 1984, this is the only programme that we have found,which offers the perfect blend of powerful theoretical training with modern and updated “hands on” practical experience. Students have the option of completing practical

studies such as e-Business, Designing and Developing a Website, Computer Systems, Computer Networks, Databases using MySQL and Oracle along with their studies. Normally, a student studying for an academic programme is required to pursue these courses at additional costs outside of their degree.

Students receive Diplomas at the end of parts 1 & 2 and a B.Sc. Degree at the end of part 3. In all stages of the programme, students will have the opportunity to work on practical, industry-relevant projects and will be expected to produce work at the standard expected in modern business practice.

Year 1

Part 1: NCC Education Level 4 Diploma in Business Information Technology


Semester 1

Computer Systems

Designing & Developing a Website


Understanding Business Organisation

Semester 2

Computer Networks


Essentials of Management

Skills for Computing

Year 2

Part 2: NCC Education Level 5 Diploma in Business Information Technology


Semester 1

Dynamic Websites

Database Development & Design

Information Systems Analysis


Semester 2

Information Systems Analysis

Principles of Business Organisations

Business IT Project


Year 3

Part 3: London Metropolitan University B.Sc.(Hons) Business Computing


Semester 1

E-Commerce Applications

Management Support Systems

Advanced Database Systems

Major Project

Semester 2


Post Implementation Issues

Database Application Development

Major Project


ENTRY REQUIREMENTS for NCC Level 4 Business Information Technology:
5 “O” Levels including English Language & Mathematics

Mature Entry: Students with 2 years relevant work experience.

SAM Certificate in Business Management/ Business IT

One Advanced Level/ CAPE Graduates or higher qualifications are also accepted.


ENTRY REQUIREMENTS for BSc Business Computing:
Level 5 NCC Diploma in Computing


Level 5 NCC Diploma in Business Information Technology



Full Time

Evenings Only

Saturdays Only


North Campus

South Campus


Diploma 4

Computer Technician

Network Technician

Database Designer

Microsoft Office User Specialist

Web Designer

Diploma 5

Systems Analyst

Database Administrator using MySQL

Web Master including e-commerce

Information Systems Project Manager

Network Security Engineer

Java Programmer

Senior Network Consultant

B.Sc. (Hons) Business Computing

e-Business Analyst

Oracle Database Administrator

Information Systems Manager

Database Manager

Software Development Specialist

Information Systems Consultant



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